Chiora Taktakishvili

Deputy chairperson of the parliamentary committee on human rights protection and civic integration


Chiora Taktakishvili is the deputy chairperson of the parliamentary committee on human rights protection and civic integration. She is graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and she received Master’s in Public Law from the University Paris 8. In 2004 she was an adviser at the international relations department at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. In 2004-2008 she was an adviser to the Minister of Education and Science and the Head of the Legal Department at the Ministry. Since 2008 she has been a member of the Parliament of Georgia.



On 15 February 2014 the Hayartun Center hosted a meeting with Chiora Taktakishvili, Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and Civil Integration.

At the beginning of the meeting the MP noted that, moving away from Soviet concepts Georgia had a long way for gradual realization that the protection of human rights - is the primary task and duty of the state. She pointed out that during the election campaign in 2012 there were numerous facts of hate speech, when ethnicity of certain political opponent was used in a negative context, while Georgia is multinational and multicultural country. References to religious or national belonging for insulting the opponent is the direct fact of the usage of the hate speech, that it is prohibited by international conventions.

Mrs. Taktakishvili noted that the state is obliged to respond to incidents such as the one that took place in the village of Chela (the removal of minaret and its subsequent reestablishment), because tomorrow representative of any other religion can become a victim of such an attitude and violence. According to her, it is logical that after this incident occurred vandalism towards the Hanukkah celebration in Tbilisi.

She mentioned that in Georgia the problem of restriction of political activity exists, and it concerns the leaders and supporters of the United National Movement. She stressed that the protection of the rights of the opposition in the country is important, not only because this is required by standards, but also because a democratic society cannot exist without a strong opposition, without comparing different views, because the truth is born when there are different points of view on reality.

When talking about criminal policy the guest particularly pointed out two issues. One relates to the postponement of the date of entering into force the legislative initiative up to 2016, which prohibit prosecuting authorities to interrogate a witness out of court, if the witness did not give the consent. The second problem - concerning lawyers, is that the lawyer should have the right not to present one of the proofs before the court proceedings, for example, the testimony of the most important witness.

Guest said that United National Movement is actively working both in Georgia and abroad, in order to provide adequate information to partners on current violations of human rights. She promised that if there would be the acts of violation of the principle of equality of Georgian citizens, discriminatory attitudes, her party will not let guilty go unpunished, and even if it will not be possible within Georgia, international organizations would be made aware of this.

After the presentation the guest answered questions of representatives of the Armenian Community.



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