About the Project

Georgia is a multi-ethnic country. Ethnic minorities in the country often do not have access to information about diverse political and socioeconomic processes affecting their daily lives. The majority of the ethnic minorities, especially those living in remote administrative districts, do not speak the state language. As a result, the representatives of the ethnic minority groups cannot fully participate in the political life in the country. Moreover, there are limited or one-sided media resources available in minority languages. To a certain degree, the situation changes during pre-election periods in Georgia, when politicians inform the ethnic minority groups about their political agendas. These campaigns usually serve certain political needs and are short-term.

In this regard, the Political Participation through Dialogue Project aims to raise awareness about a wide range of political processes and their interpretations among Georgian citizens of Armenian heritage. The main goal of the project is to create a platform for dialogue and information sharing between Georgian politicians, public figures, the representatives of diplomatic missions in Georgia, on the one hand, and the Georgian Armenians, on the other hand. Through this platform, the invited leaders and policy makers will also be informed about pressing issues and concerns facing the Armenian community in Georgia. Overall, as a result of this project, Georgian Armenians nationwide will be systematically informed about political events in the country and will have an opportunity to contribute to the building of an open and democratic society in Georgia. The Political Participation through Dialogue Project has been supported by the Open Society - Georgia Foundation.

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