David Losaberidze

Chair of the Board of the Local Democracy Network CenterLosaberidze

Mr. David Losaberidze is the Chair of the Board of the Local Democracy Network Center. In 1992, Mr. Losaberidze obtained a Ph.D. in History from the Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He has an extensive experience in civil society. Mr. Losaberidze’s interests include local government, genesis of nationalism, and development of civil society.

Since 2003, Mr. Losaberidze has been a member of the Group of Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.  Since 2013, he has headed the Consultation Council on the Regional Self-Government and Regional Policy Development at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.



On May 17, 2014, members of the Armenian community of Georgia met with Local Democracy Network Center Chairman David Losaberidze at Hayartun center. The meeting focused on local self-governance reforms in Georgia and the new Code of Local-self government that was adopted on 2 May 2014. The importance of this meeting was magnified with local government elections set for June 15, 2014.

Losaberidze presented various details regarding the drafting and adoption of the Code. He also discussed the changes that would enter into force during the upcoming local elections and how the newly elected local government bodies would function.

Representatives of the Armenian community raised, inter alia, issues related to the criteria used to grant the status of self-governing city. Early drafts of the Code contained provisions allowing a number of cities, including minority populated cities, to attain self-governing status. In response to these provisions, the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia declared that this would lead to separatism in Georgia. As a result, the Parliament adopted the Code without the articles allowing minorities to have self-governing status. Losaberidze responded that in his opinion, the Catholicos was not the author of the declaration rather he just voiced it.

Losaberidze expressed that there are an influential group of decision-makers in the current government, as well as in previous ones, which are against transmission of certain authority to the local level, and the idea of separatism was used as a means of impeding sound decentralisation in the whole country.

The meeting was organized within the framework of the Political Participation through Dialogue Project supported by the Open Society – Georgia Foundation. Information about the Project can be found at http://www.ardzagank.ge/



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