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Training Course "Human Rights through my Eyes"

"Educational and Cultural Bridges" NGO, together with its 6 international partners have implemented International Training course "Human Rights through my eyes", which took place Yerevan, Armenia on 3-11 March 2014. Young leaders from 7 countries: Armenia, Georgia, France, Latvia, Moldova, Spain, and Germany participated in the project.

The training course was financed by European Commission within the framework of "Youth in Action" program. It was a unique opportunity for young leaders to meet and work in Armenia.

The coordinator of the project Arpine Kostanyan has invited Human Rights Expert Levon Isakhanyan from Georgia, who was one of the trainers and speakers during the training. He made presentations about Concepts, History and Mechanisms of Human Rights.

Among the professional team of trainers was Ani Lecrivain (ERCP Association, France) Nelli Gishayan (FYCA NGO trainer, Armenia), who did interesting presentation about No Hate Speech Movement and HR Literacy and Literature and Astghik Harutyunyan (FYCA NGO Expert) specialized in Photography and Ethics of Photography in Human Rights.

This training course was developed to encourage the development of a critical, democratic and creative European Citizenship and Human Rights. During the training the participants developed their knowledge about the key ideas of Human Rights. Interesting sessions were organized about the key principles and ideas of human rights, human rights institutions, history of human rights, how to apply to the HR institutions, etc. The participants had opportunity not only to learn from the professional team of trainers, who have rich experience and background in human rights, but have participated in different sessions and round tables, during which they shared with each other their knowledge, experience and ideas. The training was also based on inter cultural communication and dialogue between the participants, the aim of which was to create relaxed and peaceful conditions for self-expression, communication and integration.

At the end of the training course participants left Armenia not only with newly gained knowledge about the topic of human rights, about each other’s culture but also newly gained friends and network for future cooperation in the youth field.

"Educational and Cultural Bridges" NGO was founded in 2010. The main aim of the organization is: to create non-formal and formal educational bridges between different countries, create peaceful conditions for cross cultural communication and expression, unite youth of different countries and etc. It organizes and implements youth exchanges, conferences, trainings, seminars, study sessions, academic visits, educational programs, promotes scientific meetings, round-tables, seminars and lectures on various topics.


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